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Hello...... It's me......

That's me with my favorite things :D

There’s an Indonesian proverb says that “Tak kenal maka tak sayang”. So……. Before I share you many stories of mine and many things here, I want to introduce myself first so you can know somethings about me and then (perhaps) you’ll love me (lol :v, I’m just kidding h3h3), I mean you’ll love my blog. 

Hmmm…But, what should I tell first???  

Okay.. I’m gonna start it by my name first. My full name is Najwa Dean Hasana. Word “Najwa” is from Arabian Languange that means “whisper” , then word “Dean” is acronym of my parents’ name, and word “Hasana” means “good. So, we can conclude the meaning of my full name is “good whisper” (aamiin…). Usually, people called me “Najwa”, “Naj”, “Wawa”, “Najwi”, and sometimes “Dean”, but my parents and my sister called me “kakak” because I’m the first children in my little family. For you all, you can call me with those nicknames or you can call me “Raisa” or “Pevita” (no no no, I’m just kidding, again, hehe). I was born on the 23rd of December, 2001 in Tanjung Pinang, Kepulauan Riau, and please mark that date on your calendar or reminder, wkwkwk... Now, I live in "the cold Lembang", West Bandung.


I have many hobbies. The first is singing. It has become my hobby since I was a child till this day. Then I love listening to the music too. The genres of music that I like are pop and jazz. There's no day left for singing and listening to the music because those things can make me feel happy and not bored anymore. 

So, because I have those hobbies, I have the favorite singers too. My favorite male singer is Shawn Mendes and almost all of his songs are also my favorite songs. My favorite his songs are "Imagination", "Ruin", "Treat You Better", "The Weight", and "Show You".


I have my favorite female singer too. She is Raisa Andriana and I like listening to her songs so much! My favorite her song is "Jatuh Hati".


Beside the songs of those singers, my favorite songs are also some of Westlife's songs, One Direction's song, and etc.

The next hobby is watching movies. I usually go to the cinema on the weekend to watch the latest movies. I have some favorite movies like "Maze Runner 2 : The Scorch Trials", "Kingsman : The Secret Service", "Captain America : Civil War", etc.

And this is my latest hobbies : travelling and photography, since I was on 8th grade. I start those hobbies because I often go to some places with my parents and my parents bought me new DSLR camera and new phone (hehe :D). Then I found so many instagrammers that have the good shots on their instagram's feeds so I inspired by them to start my photography hobby. And I want to show you some of the photos that captured by me. 


What do you think about it? Is it good and interesting? Hehe :D

Then also I love writing stories and playing guitar to fill my spare time. 


I was studying at TK Kemala Bhayangkari in Depok and Bogor, then at SDN Cibuluh 6 (Bogor), SDN Serayu (Yogyakarta), SDN 002 (Tanjung Pinang), SDN Sayang (Sumedang), and SMP N 1 Lembang (West Bandung). Now, I'm a student of SMA N 3 Bandung and I'm on the acceleration class. Alhamdulillah......
Then my plan is after I finish my senior high school, I wish that I can continue my college in ITB, UGM, or even go abroad. By the way, I hope that one day I'll become a lecturer and a sholelah-wife, aamiin... :D


I'm a teenager of 21st century, so I have many social media accounts, hehe. Here is the soc-med accounts that I have :
* Instagram : najwadhasana
* LINE : najwadhasana
* Path : Najwa Dean Hasana
* Twitter : najbaymax
* Snapchat : najwadhasanaaa
* Ask.Fm : najwahasana
* Facebook : Najwa Dean Hasana
* Google+ (youtube,etc) : Najwa Dean Hasana (
* E-mail :

If you don't mind please let's be friend with me in those soc-med, hehe :D

Okay... I think that's enough from me. Probably in another time I will share you more things about me. See ya on the next blog-post! :) Have a good day, good people! :)


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